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The Schoeffel Philosophy.

Enthralling, uncompromising, exclusive: These are the values we hold dear, and the philosophy that underlies everything we do.

„Enthralling“ expresses our ongoing search for the new and the attractive – jewelry that captivates and fascinates. It is also about the way we combine the lustre, shape, colour, size and surface of our pearls to create jewelry that makes the wearer look and feel special.

„Uncompromising“ describes Schoeffel’s unwavering dedication to quality and design.
„Exclusive“ refers to the skills and aesthetic expertise that go into all our creations – from selecting the pearls to hand-crafting exquisite jewelry.

Under the leadership of Till Schoeffel, the company’s success story, which combines corporate tradition with individual passion, is resolutely carried on. It is the passion that fascinates women the world over for Schoeffel’s unique style. For pearls of spectacular beauty and masterful quality, as well as for breathtaking collections of jewellery.