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The famous Italian brand Pesavento moulds traditional precious metals and gemstones into original shapes and unique designs, which combine luxury, elegance and fashionable trends.

The history of this jewellery brand started with the uniting of a wonderful duet; a man and a woman, Marino Pesavento and Chiara Carli. Listening to their intuition and wishes, in 1992 they established the Pesavento Company, creating jewellery of complex shapes and sizes in a new and original style of our time. The main principles of the company are taking a creative approach to making collections, searching for innovative ideas in the surrounding world, Italian culture and the quality sign “Made in Italy”.

In the hands of the designers, gold not only transforms into a certain form of ring or pendant, but also expresses feelings, emotions and passions; it speaks and lives. The combination of modern trends and simple elements of elegance remain the primary focus of the collections.

To get a feel of a piece of jewellery from Pesavento it should be touched. It carries in itself the Italian aesthetics of beauty and sensuality; an artistic idea, and is desired by both women and men.  

Colour innovations, avant-garde solutions, limitless emotions and bright expression – these are the chief constituents in striving towards beauty and conquering new peaks in the art of jewellery.